Dear Guests !

Let me introduce our partnership. Its name is Varbo-Eden Ltd. and it was established on  31st July, 2000.
Our main products are ear and body candles thoroughly hand-made from natural and 100 % pure materials. These products have been certified under MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality insurance system. Our products advocate a natural means of healing. Our wide range of products provide the appropriate cure to anyone from childhood till old age. Our ear candles have been developed to cure and to preventthe most common type of aural pain.

Eden Ear Candles (Conical or Cylindrical quality)
With Lemon active ingredients
It is recommended as a follow-up care in case of infections disease frontal sinusitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane, inflammation of the ear, nose and throat.
With Eucalyptus active ingredient
It is recommended for functional control, as a respiration ease, against disinfections, respiratory diseases, fatigue and exhaustion.
With Lavender activre ingredient
It is recommended as a pain killer, fever reducer, against insomnia, as a stress reducer, and against migranious headache.
With Camomile active ingredient
It is recommended to inflammation-reduce, headache, insomnia, depression treatment.
It is recommended to release energy stream, energy blocks and lack of energy flow and as a prevention against any problems of the aural, facial and frontal cavities.

Éden Body Candles
With Bergamott oil
It is recommended while on a diet (i.e. it facilitates the breakdown of fast) against stress and as an inflammation reduction.
With Anise oil
It is recommended as a diuretic, analgesic, stomachic and as a treatment against menorralgia.
With Camomile oil
Digestive, bile-propulsive, periods-regulator,fattening-disincentive..

Effectual Mechanism

With the Eden. Earcandle we tried to follow the old traditional manner which was used int he olden days. Our ancestors used hollow plants (esp.reed) cooked among other kind ofherbs. After cooking they dried them and put it into each-other’s eras. They were burned int he ear. This process was influenced the organ of sences.
The produced heat influenced wich is int he meridians (meridians a kind of energychanel which have to transport the supply the energy in the human body) moved the energy blocks and in this way they will go ont he right way. To stand back of the balanced wi can stop the pain.
The Eden-earcandle was made by 100% cellolose and paraffin.
Everbody can use it without any accident.
During the burning the ingredians goes with the fog into the deepness of the ear.
To figure out the problems wi can use five different kind of candles.
During the treatment wi have to ly the same side of our body!
We have to keep the candleperpendiculer to the ear.
During the burning of the candle it can makes ans and wi have to cut off and throw it away. (3 or 4 times)
When wi finished the burning wi have to put the left over pieces int the bottle which has water in it.
Cut off the left over candle-end and wi will see the result of the treatment.
In this way wi can see from the color os the slag haw big is the problem.
The energy srean is came back 1.2 hours later after the treatment and it is close to the painless.

Body-candle types:

3 types (aniz, bergamote, cammille)

Beetwen the tratments (after 3-5) we have to keep day break.
We can help for the critical problems too.
We have to know that the balance centre is int he ear, so we must to do treatmens int he healthy ears too!

For diet, gynacological problems etc. We recommend the body candle treatment must be 5-10 pcs. candles.
The number of the peaces b right of the problem.

Our products do not have any kind of harmful side effects!


-under 5 age
-if the tympanal is perforated